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Celli Earthling has been a mainstay of of the global Psychedelic Trance scene for over 20 years, since first immersing himself in it on the island of Ibiza in the early 90’s. He released his first track on TIP records in 1999, and has gone on to release 5 albums and over 150 individual tracks as a solo producer, and a further 5 albums with his collaboration projects Everblast, Soundaholix, and Vatos Locos. Celli has taken his music around the world, playing peak time sets to thousands at all the biggest events in the scene. The roster of labels he has released on is a ‘who’s who’ of labels who have shaped the psytrance sound over the last two decades, and includes Nano, TIP, Spun, Future Music, Grasshopper and Ministry of Sound.

Soundaholix is with the groundbreaking psychedelic artists GMS, who he has known since childhood. They still write fresh material and tour with the project today.

He also collaborated with Nick Doof and Xavier Fux as Vatos Locos – a more progressive slower project , releasing two albums ‘Welcome 2 da Barrio’ and ‘Attack and Release.’ They released their first album with Sony Music.

His third major collaboration is with Chromatone, Lawrence Hoffman, as Everblast – full on morning psytrance, That’s the past, but the future looks just as exciting. Apart from more scheduled solo gigs and releases, Celli has just debuted his latest collaboration project, Mandelbrot, the other half of which is Lucas O’Brien. This unique collaboration of two vastly experienced producers and DJs has already been in huge demand, and have been booked for for a number of gigs this summer at Europe’s larger festivals.

His DJ sets remain as sought after as his live sets, partially due to the fact he also heads up the Zero1 Music label. A group of psychedelic Avengers that share the common goal of staying true to the original ethos of the scene, while walking the cutting edge of today’s future music. Their mantra is ‘Zero1 has more fun’, and they make sure they live to it. Artists on the label include K.I.M., Chromatone, Justin Chaos, TRON, Liftshift, Virtual Light, Illumination, GMS, Hujaboy and Shayman. He has just put together a compilation of some of the freshest sounds from these artists called ‘The Sound of Science’ and will be released mid February.

In short, nothing is going to stop this Earthling’s mission to bring his neuron-bending sounds to the world’s psychedelic trance floors.
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